Cypress West realizes the importance of asset and market analysis prior to investment in any medical real estate project. In the past, the quality of traditional research has been one-dimensional and deficient in helping find the right opportunity in the right service area at the right time, too often resulting in under-performing medical investments.  Instead, we employ a strategic acquisition program that includes a solid base of core assets while targeting specific strategic value-add opportunities. We seek products that meet our acquisition checklist of 18 key performance indicators, which include both market demographics and property income stream metrics, among others.

Acquisition Criteria:
As private investors, we focus on geographical regions that are characterized by strong economic growth and our ability to operate effectively.  Our investments are focused on healthcare-related medical office assets but not restricted to specific property types. We look for the most promising real estate business opportunities in dynamic markets which we believe will ultimately achieve optimal scale and liquidity and be most attractive to our private investors. With a focus on the combination of strong macroeconomic fundamentals and positive demographic trends, our investment strategy generates opportunities for scale and the creation of meaningful enterprise value beyond the assets.

Location and Size:
Currently, Cypress West Partners is looking to acquire medical office properties in or near major metro areas throughout the Western US. Cypress West Partners would consider small single transactions as well as large well-located portfolios.

Asset Age:
A preference is placed on projects built after 1990.  However, we will consider older properties with quality construction in good locations.

Cypress West Partners is particularly interested in assets priced from $5M-$30M with favorable cap rates.

Deal Structure:
Our primary focus is on single asset transactions.  While most transactions will be cash, we may consider the assumption of existing financing.

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